Friday, March 27, 2015

GCRC Friday Festival Display Feature.

A lovely array of expensive toys. Each body worth more than a few hundred.

Bunnies, Tsunamis, Jokers, Aussie Muscle cars and a whole lot more.

All on display and driven.

This Subaru is stunning. I am not joking.

But there is something about the Super GT Subaru that also super cool.

Testujin rims really setting it off.

The colours are bold and brilliant.

 The Aussie machines were out also.

351c.i.Cleveland V8 in the Aussie Falcon Phase 3 GT-HO (Handling Option)

I think one of these may be pumping out a few morre ponies now that the bonnet shaker has gone.

RWD chassis for this beast.

low slung with massive tuck.

4 doors too.

Don't forget the 4 door battles are coming!!!! I have my "ZERO" course car FULLY prepared.

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