Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GCRC Midweek Matsuri

GCRC keeps getting better. It was December 2013 the last time these two bodies battled it out.

Evolution in 2014 and now 2015  means that all drivers have improved out of sight.

The cars themselves have also evolved with fantastic RWD battles also very common. So every mid week matsuri. the festival is awesome.



Ol' school and more.

4 door machines are getting ready.

dialling in the style.

All good!

but there are battles everywhere.

Transitions are tight.

And spacing is sweet.

How can the same owner drive two cars? Loaner.

My photography crew always on point.

creating work for me after a long session.

post processing is a nice chore.

With creative content.

Amazingly the 17 degree rear camber make little difference to the way my DRB operates.

Cruising is fun.

Big beasts.

Nomuken. ER34 still fighting. He runs a new one in 2015 D1GP.

New barriers in place.

JXR double.

All night action.

trains, triples and tandems



Stop..... go!

GCRC on show!

thanks to all for a great evening.

come on down!

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