Sunday, March 15, 2015

Battle Weekend Continued...

GCRC again putting on a showcase of top shelf drift.

If you want to start drifting... the Street Jam R31-RS is arguably the best chassis on the market. It is CS out of the box and you can modify up to the R3R full bling level. 

R3R / 86 and Street Jam R31 based Kazama GP-X-R taking battle here.

I was out among it, but without my photographers on hand, these photo's are what you get.

4,5 and six car trains are pretty common these days. 2 RWD and 2 4WD CS machines in this pic.

 Rear Drive Zenki Model Yokomo Wide body S14 on Tail Slider CE-RWD tearing it up.

Kouki D-Like S14 on a new Tamiya based  Hayabusa Rear Drive Chassis getting dialled in.

 And looking fine.

Street Jam rear motor coming up the rear.

Sliding through the touge.

6 wheel Drive here.

A classic overtake from the man who says... no Overtaking. hehe!

My old FD3s still looking the part.

Quality all round today. Need those drivers boys.

Today I used the 6666 86 and 180sx. Slowly the scars are starting to appear... a sign of HARD.

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