Friday, March 6, 2015

Yokomo Drift Package Drift Master FOR-SALE.


The chassis you see here is a Yokomo Drift Package "Drift Master" version.

The exposed gear sets are the main feature. This was the MUST have option in 2006 and has now come back in popularity since 2014

A narrower easily adjustable motor position is another feature.

Original Drift Master Steering designed for touring car / 50:50 drifting has been replaced by a slide rack.

Adjustable height shock tops give extra ground clearance on bumpy surfaces.
Steering was repositioned as the mounting points differ from the original drift package. Team Suzuki arms and DPM knuckles provide enough steering.

Front Spice gearset and rear 2.0 provides a grunty torque munching 3.4 CS with high turn motor for maximum speed and fun.

Some re-drilling of the super stiff chassis plate has been made for a larger spur and use of the slide rack. But as the target is for outdoor use, I expected this plate to get more scratched. A few extra castor blocks and alternate shafts included.

This is my indestructible drift package. Overdose sus mounts with rear adjustable option.
these parts are $150  alone

Yokomo Drift Package "Drift Master" Special Version kit.
Full hex screw set.
Yokomo Lower Castor Block 7 & 12 included
Team Suzuki Alloy Suspension arms
Overdose Suspension mounts
Overdose Rear Suspension mounts for Adjustable toe in.

Overdose Alloy Battery Stay Silver.
Yokomo Blue Battery Posts,
Yokomo DPM Front Knuckles 
Yeah Racing rear Knuckles
R2 (Active Copy Slide rack)
Active Hobby Centre Drive shaft.
Blue Drive Shaft Centre cups
Rear 2.0 FCD Alloy Gearset
Rear Hardened Universal Shafts
Front Spice 10-40 GearSet
Yokomo front one way bearing

Total 3.4 CS

DRB front bumper support
Yokomo Drift Package SS Shocks
Kazama Auto Shock tops
Yokomo Spring Set
Titanium front and Alloy rear turnbuckles

Blue Velcro Body Mount Set

Perfect for CS or great rigid platform for RWD.

Keyence motor and Servo not included.

$550AUD +Ship


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