Wednesday, March 11, 2015

GCRC Action.

Light 'em up! Mid week Mumbo!

This machine has definitely done a few laps.

While the lead machine is a brand new machine.

Capturing the action... I was able to hand over the camera.

And I'm always surprised with the results.

A different perspective adds to the creativity.

Special Widebody Leopard on debut.

Swuare doesn't even come close to description.

Body has been widened from another donor.

Fender overhang allows for wide rims even on the wide Kazama chassis. 

Slidebys are on song.

Nice safe debut spacing for a quad battle through the high speed section.

JDM battles at the main event.

At the end of the night We set up a little game...

Bring it on! Body Slap!

It doesn't take much time before the targets go down!

Lining up

On line and out wide means the man GOES DOWN!

A few laps and a few pickups.

I set him up for a backhander.

But just as he lost balance. The Leopard blasted past missing the opportunity.

fun times

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