Saturday, March 14, 2015

GCRC Satur-Day Drift.

 Come and get it on!

GCRC allows for some super tight action. It was great to get some twin drift on the money. 

These two missed out on the twin drift comp two weeks ago. But we love to get a full day in when schedules allow.

When you have two similar machines, things just look even better.  Loving the switch.

Locked over and locked on!

It's always better with twins.. ;)

Lead and follow is a different skill. I (white) am harassing here diving up the inside,

But you have to use your brakes...

To get back in position, or that apex is going to smash you silly!

GCRC has a super smooth concrete surface. You can run with 1mm or 2mm of ground clearance. Just let the body sit super low.

Three x 3.0x Overdose DRBs.

Enter the 86. A few donuts to warm the tyres.

Then it's on!

Locked Over

And locked ON!

If your battle partner is way off line with a little miss... usually I follow, but sometimes you just dive in.

A clean overtake is just that...

But when you dive inside, beware... the opposition ends up on a different line. repeat attack tap can see you in the wall..

I don't remember how this ended up ... sooo many awesome laps... Soo much fun!

Huge thanks to Luke for the imagery. Making us look cool.

Himself, making the uncool box sedan cool!

Enter the GCRC Pro Shop Staff Machine.

A few laps of insane battles.

My DRb needing more than a few little tweaks to match the Kazama GPX-R

But eventually I got most of the way there.

A small nod... "Respect"

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