Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lady S130 ZX - Update #1

I FINALLY got around to starting the S130 280ZX by ABC hobby. I've had this since last November, but new projects always got in the way...

It should end up something like this...

and it's a PAIN IN THE ASS!

Because the masking and painting and cutting of all these bumper pieces is incredibly time consuming.

I have a few days off and believe me, It took the better part of a day, just to mask it up. And not to mention decide how it's all going to fit together.

I made things even more complicated for myself by adding these speed way pal Works Over fenders.
S130 has to have them.

I also had this front spoiler left over from an RX-3. It kind of fits, but shoe goo will need to be used a LOT!

I bought some Atlas "cancer causing" chrome paint and the first part went very well.

But I stupidly picked up the TS-14 black instead of the PS-5 black in my house so the runs are coming.

I don't know why but recently I don't check things too closely... GRRRRRR!!!!

So I created a bit of work to clean it up before the final colour goes on. (Secret for now.)

I've abandoned the Shakotan race look idea for something more authentic.

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