Thursday, January 22, 2015

DRB Diffferent Specifications

DRB vs DRB... but they couldn't be further apart in setting.

Readers of my blog will have seen this car go from 1.5 to 2.0 to 4.4 to 5.0 to 3.8 with all kinds of suspension mods along the way including bagi and others. It now sits at a very drivable 3.0 cs.

Recent FULL modified overdose spec with Type C front is about as modified as it comes but it's more about reliability and flexibility than bling.

The front end is Yokomo DIB Type C, Wrap Up Next A-Arms and Overdose KPI Knuckle, Steering is Overdose Upgrade with a few tweaks.

The modified pulley sits between a modified shock tower and Modified steering set and connects to a modified Overdose Bridge now fits with modified later version Hyper Drive for a super solid front end.

It also allows enough space for a 9T and 20T pulley to drive the rear.  Currently CS is 45-9 20-33 (1.3spool) for a 3.03cs Ratio.

The new "used" DRB carries the remnants of the Overdose parts swapping exercise.  and will eventually be de-anodised and re-anodised BLACK for a Ninja spec.

For now it's very "J" spec. 40-12, 15-27 (1.5 Spool) for a 1.85cs ratio with the standard DRB belt used.
After a BIG POWER debut test last week I'm now trialling a very loose front ball diff for testing.

Tamiya shocks are using super light weight with lots of stroke and roll for chassis attitude.  

So what's next... A whole lot of driving.

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