Tuesday, January 27, 2015

V2 Flaps

Total Balance. That's what it is all about. 100% happy.

The Rocket Bunny V2 is a very strange shape. the front makes the car longer in the nose, but the rear remains narrow. Tamiya didn't help things by taking length from the trunk area to meet the wheelbase requirements.

Without the wing, this thing is horrendous. Even with the ducktail, it wasn't creating a balanced image once the massive splitter and canards were up front.

I tried the idea of a gurney flap along the top edge of the ducktail, but as you can see... the donor HPI wing for the gurney flap became a wing in it's own right.

The balance is back. the black front complemented by the black rear.

and the tough image is completed.

The mounts may be re-enforced a little more, but for now, it's close to complete.

Rear tow hook is in, exhausts are in and it's off the hook.

The gap I created at the rear looks awesome from the most commonly viewed angle for RC.

Presence is guaranteed.

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