Friday, January 30, 2015

GCRC Friday Flip Out - Part 1

Twin FD Battles... They don't get more fun than this.

I recently sold my black FD3s to a friend... That means more FD battles for me so I still reap the rewards of a cool looking shell.

 Luke on the lens capturing some tight FD action.

The grey Fd3s Missile FD is running on a drift package drift master chassis and is 3.40x Full Counter Drift 4wd setting.

The Black Fd3s is a plastic FXX RWD. Both have ample power averaging 9.5Turn.

We were running on the "faster" track at GCRC in a variety of configurations.   

But eventually dialling in on the door to door performance.

Honestly, when you are at the track, you can see some differences in how the chassis behave with the CS machines getting more angle, but change your setting a little and adjust your driving style and they look almost identical.

We did move onto the big track also

And had more fun smashing it up.

With all comers.

Chucking it way out to the fence.

And transitioning from out-clip right across track to out-clip. If there's a wall, this machine is made for hanging the wing way over it.

So lets check the other runners on track in part 2.

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