Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Sliders Part 2

GCRC Battles continue. Was good to get the two machines together again.

 Still looking mad when sliding together.

 The twin 180SXs are working very well. CS is around 3.0 for both. lots of angle, lots of slide.

 My white machine is slightly lower

Dump pipe sometimes scrapes.

Straight 45 cut pipe still looking awesome.

Slide master getting the locals attention.

stones and rubber in your face! just need that smoke!

 After a while I decided to switch to the D1SL standard wheel. N Model wheels were available cheaply in Japan in the early 2000s and appeared on many a cheap light tuned machine.

White on white is great for easy driving to save your eyes in a seven hour session.

GCRC, still providing great action.


  1. nice machines!!....Russ i notice our team sticker thanks for supporting:)

    1. You have a keen Eye... Right on the roof. ONE10RCDT.

  2. Brilliant pictures,


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