Friday, January 9, 2015

GCGC New Lines

GCRC Drift Tracks have been under construction for the last few weeks but the end of construction is almost complete and the decoration can begin.

The new designers this time went for a change of direction. With the track speed reduced and the lines narrowed. 

There's a different feel, setup tweaks required but you can get some trains happening.

I was trying some new barrier styles to pick up the decorative appeal.

D-Like RE-R Hybrid RWD with D-Like S15 looking good. The RWD guys really enjoying the tighter radius corners.

Setups are getting dialled in.

And imagery is coming up slowly.

But still very much in the construction phase.

I had a good run with the Silver DRb/Rocket Bunny returned to super low power 17.5T and CS up to 2.5x with slower final drive also. The lines were suiting the RWD battles more than the other CS cars. 

Still getting the prox.

I do find myself hitting the apexes a lot harder than the outclips. It's that kind of track.

You have to remind yourself to get in the right spot.

And get back on the b-pillar.

Some good battles all round.

This is great position!

And we were all getting in on the action. A photographer sitting out for a moment.

But enjoying the shots.

With some great action on track.

I was slowing my CS machine quite dramatically on short acceleration to keep proximity, but the RWD having slightly more speed through the twisties, I'd have to hammer it. 

We have also just completed another faster second track. It will take a little while to shine up.
But is wider and more focussed for more aggressive power.   

GCRC changing it up.

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