Friday, January 30, 2015

Tetsujin - (Man of Steel)

Tetsujin make some amazing niche market products for RC. 

Some of the latest are these adjustable offset rims. I waited for the chrome lip versions because I knew they'd be the ones for my style.

They have some really nice features but ultimately it's the flexibility that is the key feature.

I'm running these in +9 setting. Perfect for my RWD Imadoki S14.

The rims are the shining light on this machine that continues to be drilled with foot to the floor Maximum Attack Drift

The ol' Datsun is still looking good.

13 Degree camber and Zero in the rear works for me.

 The other man of steel is running this set of chrome / fluro mesh.

Another perfect match.

Another superb example of the variation with 6mm setting in the front and 9mm in the rear of this DRB.

That name again is Tetsujin.

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