Saturday, January 10, 2015

DRB Imadoki Master

Still swapping stuff around. Polish this, move that, replace this.

 First step was this front bumper weight. Currently a swappable component with the silver carbon item from team bomber.

The carbon item looks better but sometimes setup dictates parts selection rather than bling factor.

Speaking of bling factor. These suspension toe blocks have been transferred  from the drift master to the DP=R Imadoki Rear Drive. 

However replacing the plastic items requires some more suspension pin ball ends... so this will have to wait for now.

Why is this servo saver blue? Well, I'm only 1/2 way through swapping servos. The Yokomo Servo Yokomo/Overdose Saver item will end up on the ...

Drift Master.  Why is this servo saver silver? The Sanwa Tamiya/Overdose item will end up on the Imadoki.

Swip Swap Swap.

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