Wednesday, January 28, 2015

GCRC Mid Week Matsuri Masher

This is how I saw this evening... It was all a blur.

My eyes could hardly focus after a work day behind the computer screen,

I prepped the DRB for a Double DRB battle.

But I was soon sandwiched between these two S13s

They were looking pretty good side by side so I stopped to get some shots.

New owner not scared to blast in the priceless art works.

 But with respectful drivers the battle scars are kept to a minimum.

Of course following takes the door scrubbing out of the equation.

Lead car always waiting for the chaser to catch the line.

And in response gets close with a clean proximity.

These two were really driving well.

But soon you come across a car that means you have to change tactics.

So, park the rocket bunny and strap on the bunny.

I ramped up the boost on the Gemini chassis. T88 on a 2 litre is nice and laggy. 

But line up any opponent and you just blast past.

This session had everyone out testing something.

loads of different chassis on track.

I like this section of the track with a forest back ground. 

RWD style still driving hard.

But soon it was break time again... eyes a blur.

So time to get smooth and practice a line.

Working it hard.

My ol' DRB still working well, although I left some parts at home that I needed to get the setting right for GCRC. Front bumper weight and different springs are required to get the grip level I need on the polished concrete.

So rather than run that perfect line all night, I started to "play" with the RWD runners.

Constant Passing for around 50 laps. leaving just enough space for the pass.

The lines were a bit different but at the end we tried for a few solid laps.

The remaining runners barely with eyes open after a monster session.

But still managing to look super cool!

I must thank my photographer for the latter part of the evening... great images are an excellent reward for all.

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