Sunday, January 25, 2015

GCRC V8 Supercars Part 2 - Drift!

You'd think there was another race on the calendar... Perhaps we should introduce the GCRC Raceway V8 Supercar RC Race or Drift Battle.

The lighting was just right to make you think twice.

First corner smash up with Russell Ingall and one of the Lownes stooges involved.

After these shots, the owner was very kind to lend me the ingall falcon to run on the DRB.

The Deep 5 Spoke rims suiting it perfectly.

The Owner's Street Jam R3R also running a Lownes 888 Vodafone machine.

imagery is awesome.

It's a shame we didn't get any shots of the door to door drift battles, but we were having soo much fun driving, there was no stopping for pictures.

I was sitting low next to the track for the full effect. Even when driving. the V8 Liveries are a nice change to the rather bland one colour street spec machines that usually circulate.

SVG would be proud of the slides past the other parked up cars.

Good angle with V8 horsepower.

Getting it way out there.

Of course some shots show off the need for a diver figure, but the imagery is super car super cool

V8 Slide by...

Hanging the but out to the walls.

Another great session. What better for the Australia Day weekend.

4 hour v8 drift session!

Until next time... Check the website for the new liveries.


  1. Where do you get these shells from?? Dying to know c:

  2. I know this is pretty old, But does anyone know where I can get those bodies? I know they will be clear, thats what I want. Anyone? I really need them!!!



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