Friday, January 16, 2015

Wide Open Spaces

When my friend and I go to Millennium Raceway, we only use this "beginners?" track.

Why, because it's balls out high speed fun. Best power is about 9.5~10.5T and MST Gold Dot Tyres for a real D1 Feel. Even though it looks wide, when you run the rope it tightens up real quick.

A few of us running very fast and very tight.

I ran
my Silver "Typhoon" DRB with 17.5T  @ CS 2.5 
my new Black "Ninja"  DRB with 7.5T @ CS 1.9 both under the Yellow 86.

The first with not enough power and the latter with just a fraction too much but both were a heap of fun to get door to door and put on a show.

I'm tuning the Ninja as a high speed D1 Style chassis.  I'll do a feature once it's 100% complete

You may still find the odd beginner on track, but with the big space, you can still cut some very nice laps.

Just mixing up the box of tricks and broadening my skill set.

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