Monday, January 26, 2015

V2 Touches

Finalising a build takes time.

You can spend a few hours adding those things like lights, intercoolers, exhausts, number plates, mirrors, wings etc etc etc

But the rewards are worth the effort.

Double wing on the white machine is configurable with or without ducktail or GT wing combo.

Lights are in... they illuminate with 8 LED filaments each side.Tow hook is in. Mufflers are hugh contrast chrome.

There are so many small details to complete... I spent an entire day just getting the small things right.

I think I'll swap the roof spoiler to the GT machine as it's much more aggressive. But the rear does need some black for balance... I think a gurney flap on the rear wing will give it rear balance and Up the presence.

I have left off the rear canards... they basically look a bit average and remove one of the strong points of the drift battle 86. the 45 degree zero overhang comes in very useful when pressed to take the wall line during a chase run.

Trying to finish these off this week because there's always new projects in the wings...

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