Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GCRC Shed on location.

GCRC Diorama Photo Spot. The perfect spot for the Moolman's S13 and S14

Starting with the S13, Sans panels, it's still freaking cool!

On location, It just adds that extra environmental feel.

A sneak peek at the MST VIP under neath. It's a very tight space.

SR20 Powa!

Still looking quite pretty and ready for action.

Overall, It still has a great D1 SL Divisional feel to it.

Light pattern selector is up front.

P plates (provisional drivers) are a step up from the learners L plate.. 

Rocket Bunny Set added to the Yokomo shell.

Definitely Wide. 

Out back a new Swan Neck wing is looking great.,

 Original Diffuser is pretty cool!

The extra details just increases the imagery, Very cool!

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