Sunday, January 18, 2015

V2 Collaborations with Ellis Designs.

Looking good is easy. Looking psycho dominatrix off the hook takes a little bit more effort. 

 Matt Ellis Designs has provided something to help complete the V2.1

With the shell painted by Señor Perez in the USA, small touches added by myself and the final contribution from Matt Ellis.

 I added some of my own touches to get the set to match the way I wanted it to.

But there is now a clear image to the Rocker Bunny V2 86.

Before I was not 100% sure on how I would finish it off, but this sticker set is a great match.

The 6666 Customs Rodeo Special sticker set definitely makes the body look ready for action.

This body will be for sale soon once the light buckets and dash are installed.

Because my real focus is on this machine.

It's slowly coming together and will soon receive my own " High Contrast " design sticker set but Printed with the help of Ellis Designs. 

And that brings me to one more set.  I love adding to my Missile FD.  The war plane set is another from the Ellis Designs.

 This one is a great match for the RE-AU Australian theme already on the Missile. Just need two more grey stripes for RG-VII

This machine is a true collaboration machine. Pandora RC, Weld-Overdose, Max One & Teru, MST, Super Autobacs Tokyo BAY, Rajicon Magazine and more have all played a part in the continued development of the FD missile.

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