Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rocket Bunny 86 V2.1 and V2.2 Update... Wings and things.

KA KAW! KA KAW! Bad Ass Birds.
KWOOOOOOOOOOOOR! Dangerous Dinosaurs...
Either way, there's definitely talons attached to these two.

I'm loving the way that the Black and White (V2.2) machine is coming together. It's a totally different look to the yellow/orange (V2.1) beast.

Even though they are exactly the same kit and cut. The colours make soooo much difference. Rear wings are detachable on both. big wing will be an option on the black and white machine.

Yokomo mufflers are used although the yellow machines gets a darker item.. 

Ive got these rims ready to go. But I'd still love 2 more +12 TopLine N-Model. With everything I use basically Discontinued it's hard to get exactly what I need for these builds.

DRB - Discontinued.
Overdose DRB upgrades. Production run completed and discontinued.
Addiction RC V1 and V2. Production run completed.
Top line N-Model +12 size... Discontinued.

If anyone has Top Line Mars Drift Fighter N-Model +12 offset in any condition, let me know. I am interested.

Still lots to do.. even on the V2.1 like clean up the excess goo and add lights, interiors etc etc.

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