Sunday, January 25, 2015

GCRC V8 Battles Part 1 - The Collection

GCRC Raceway Drift was invaded by V8 Supercars. One man's collection on track for a photoshoot.

10 cars in all. What a great site.

 A Ford vs Holden battle royale.

While a display on grass at pebble beach is fine appreciated with a glass of Bordeaux and cheese platter, cars should NEVER be photographed on the grass. 

So it was over to the track and a double up team setting.

Falcon runners from an earlier era. Lownes and Ingall in the mix.

The ingall car needing a window repair to cover the Petrol Engine cooling cutout.

Then a whole lot of Lownes and Whincup.

As the years and liveries vary.

 Chassis underneath also vary... most are cheaper HPI sprint etc. but there is the odd R3R and JXR under here.

More recent Red Bull liveries.

Posts hidden on most machines.

Tander's machine also looking pristine.

And what V8 tribute wouldn't be complete without a Brock machine.

The A9X is a monster.

Like we saw yesterday, the A9X can look good in Street Machine Spec, but it was Brock that made this machine famous.

Next is some stages race and on track drift imagery.


  1. I know this is pretty old, But does anyone know where I can get those bodies? I know they will be clear, thats what I want. Anyone? I really need them!!!


    1. company called Model Engines or Great Vigour.

      OZ RC Queensland may be best contact.

    2. Yeah, I've tried a few spots. Im looking on the GV site now...



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