Thursday, January 29, 2015

RE-Xtreme V2.1 - Tamiya Addiction RC Rocket Bunny 86 Ver.2

"RE-Xtreme V2.1" uses the Tamiya GT86 bodyshell as a base and adds the Addiction RC Rocket Bunny 86 Ver.2 body kit.

I think I am finished unless someone points out some glaring omissions.

Final touch is always the dash. No cage in this Street Tune machine.

With the interior really there for just an overall image... it doesn't need to be super accurate although the photo realistic stickers are looking great.

"it's ready for our track, the Widest RC 86 IN THE WORLD"
 "Some say... he drives a metal tube into a Camel to drink directly from it's hump..."
 "We call him the Wild Stig"

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