Sunday, January 11, 2015

GCRC Super Sunday Session 2015

What an afternoon. Everyone getting their drift on!

Maybe a little 86 domination, but there was more than just a few 86's circulating door to door.

Two of this selection are RWD and 2 are Counter-Steer Mondified. One word described the battles were the same no matter what you were driving... Tight.

My 86 has survived well. as have the other 2 86's here, they are approaching 1 year old.

That's a lot of laps and lot of  drift scars.

This one still looks as good as when new. 

old 86 RWD vs New 86 CS

High CS double battle..


Street Jam R3R 

Plastic chassis FXX also joining the party.

MST CS machine.

Full tune Overdose with Wrap Up Next FR-D

Proximity is the measure of how close the cars are from one another.

Wheel on door is probably as close as you can get.

These are the same drivers with full tuned FXX machines but very different tyre selections.

 Throw in between a CS 4.0x machine and you cannot tell the difference.

RWD vs CS.

CS actually getting a little more angle.

But equally as much fun when you are in a train like this.

The new circuit with a few walls opened up for optional lines is proving quite popular and very entertaining.

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