Friday, May 25, 2012

AVS 5 vs Prodrive GC-05

 Curves... I was in the hobby store for a totally different reason. But I had to have these.

These are Prodrive GC-05K --- Watch the movie here.

Daigo Saito probably made them famous just like Kazama did with the GC-06.


they could easily be replica of Advan AVS Model T5.

The real wheels are so similar you can't really tell the difference until you get really close and examine the details.

But neither brand had the dish and curve of these replica's

My 280ZX is a car that carries them quite well. The ZX is of a period between classic and modern. 

The RWB red is also a good match but, I simply don't like chrome on RED.

The FC is another potential user but they may end up becomming gold one day. or I simply buy another set to paint.

at 700Yen per set of 4. they easily come in at the cheaper end of the scale. These Chinese produced wheels are getting popular.


  1. alot of them yoks wheels popping up at our local hobbyshop at the moment and im having problems identifying their can u tell?the tags are in japanese

  2. R2 copies... I hate copies... but what are you going to do these days.

    Everything is copied.

    Offset... the deeper they look the deeper they are.


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