Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FC V S 14. 39!

39 = "San Kyu" in Japanese which is well known as "Thank you" even in Japan. This blog post is a bit of a thank you dedication.

While I have about 10 different bodies, This S14 has filled the mirrors of every one.

I've learned more from this machine and it's driver than anyone else. 

Recently, I've been running a lot together and I have been building my skill set greatly. Whether it's line, setting or technique. I'm truly grateful for the opportunities.

With about -15 deg front on the S14 chassis, it makes my chassis under the FC look not so aggressive at -10 deg. we both run +10 offset front and +12 offset on the rear. I don't know why, but stance and steering dictate these things.

I'm maxed out on my Yokomo camber setting gauge, but my friend had modified his years ago to go further to about -20. I also think it took a bit longer for the damage to occur on the S14 than my FC.

39-39 desu!

Click HERE for a desktop image.

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