Monday, May 28, 2012

Tsunami Time Attack - Drift 7 - Concept

The RE-Xtreme TA-D7 (Time Attack Drift 7) will be the second drift spec machine based on the Tamiya ORC bodyshell.

Some of you may remember the Tsunami Graphics prototype graphics I produced before.

Well this one will be a more focussed livery to lay tribute to RE-Amemiya's Time Attack Hurricane 7 and the Drift Success.

We may have all hoped that the Hurricane7's 20b Turbo with 700 odd hp may haveended up in the drift scene. but alas, it has remained a Time Attack chassis.

So the base colour may become RE-Amemiya Blue, but the top graphics will have a Tsunami Theme rather than the Hurricane but I'll use the same colours.

See how it progresses.

Shall the masking begin.... gonna be a nightmare.... GRRRRRR.

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