Wednesday, May 23, 2012


MAX ONE  ほんとに楽しみです! 今日は二回に行きました! なぜ?

Today, I went to MAX one as usual, but I had something to do in the afternoon. For a weekday, there were a lot of people and I really didn't want to bail, so after my errands I returned to complete my setup of the DRBs... kind of.

So here is the deal... I changed the setup of the DRBs drastically after last weeks eye opening adventures with one of my friends. I did some research and now I have the DRB's ass swinging a LOT!!!!

definitely an eye opener.

So now I'm really working hard to get even more out of the chassis. It's an adjustment to chassis and driving style. I am confident I could enter a competition and not be embarrassed. I didn't think 1.8FCD with 10 degree camber could be this good. Recently with the two chassis setup, I am applying changes really quickly and using what works and remembering what doesn't to good effect.

The guys starting out are having fun too, it's really good. Today, I had some great FC battles but I forgot to some pictures of the BLACK and RED and ORANGE machines. 

They probably wouldn't have been very good... the blurry shots above are a result of the fact that today my mind was crazy...

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