Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Max One Run.

Stand by for a desktop of this one. I love this photo.!

You've already seen the shoot I did of the 280ZX today. Lucky I took pictures first because I has a few accidents. Anyway...

I recently showed the new N Model Wheels I got, and this is where they now Live. The FD has lost some of it's old-school and gained more of it's drift-ness.

You can stop tilting your head for a while and check it out! the grey is a great match for the stripes on the car.

A great series of pics. I like these a lot.

I also like how the rear lights make the exhaust glow and the train handle it still dragging after a lot of use.

I'm also glad it's back on the DRB test chassis. Although I only used the test chassis once today. It was called on for it's secondary task of parts donor for the main HT chassis.

One damper dropped it's oil cap and hence oil... Funny though, handling wasn't so effected... haha.

I installed a belt stabiliser on the HT chassis after I tested it last week. I'm using a different mount, but it's still much more stable.  I also think I'll go to FCD 1.5 + a bigger front pulley to maintain 1.8 there's more meat on the rear and that's needed. the rear FCD 2.0 and 1.8 pulleys on the rear are too small on the DRb and DIB.

Anyway, as I spend the whole day tandem, triple and sandwiched in however many car drift trains with friends, I swapped bodies and wheels and tried different settings.

FC got some Watanabe action.

How's this for fitment!!!

I also tried the champs on for size too, but ended up with +9 Spice TE37 today.

The driving experience of the S130 is very different. It took a while to adjust. 

I also got some help with throttle settings. While I love burning the carpet with my 7.5T Keyence Luxon KG. It's a bit unnecessary. Repositioning the EPA to about 75% is more than enough to have great control.

But I like a little more. I bumped it up to 82% for a little wheelspin when i need to get out of a tricky situation. It also helps me match other drivers.

I drove 2 DIB today. And the verdict is this... very competent chassis. Some people gave them a bad rep but they are very good. Lots of DIB/DRB side by side today.

Thanks to everyone I ran with today. It was awesome fun.

Until next time...

there will be an awesome short video soon!

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