Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unfair Bastard! S130 280ZX - Update #7 Final

Well, The 280 ZX wheel choice was tough but it came down to two sets. Firstly, Black RS Watanabe.

 Offset is +12 with -2mm on the front hub. so effectively +10 up front and +12 rear.

But While I was in the hobby store yesterday I saw these Yokomo long-champs. Perfect!

But Yokomo wheels SUCK! Really! They have STUPID design features.

  • Limited space for the drive hub. It's only 2mm deep
  • Tyre mounting area with a non flat profile. This means you cant use simple o-rings.
  • Offset is +12 but actually they are only +10mm, so you need to use a spacer but can't because of point 1. 
Apart from that they look cool! I think a few companies don't know how to measure offset actually.

I also upped the camber to +10 on the front and ran the Kazama Premium tyres for a little more clearance an the champs and Spice reversibles on the Watanabes.

Other final touches included a Hong Kong $10 Hobby Pro light kit. It looks awesome lit up. I have two spare... I might mount some CIBIE style driving lamps.

An old yokomo muffler was added and a bunch of stickers made their way onto the car, the BRE style stripes were pulled off for the final version. The Number Plates were installed and I reset the rear wing height. Also a red straw roll cage. I can't say the body is Orange. It Blood Orange.

I packaged it up in another bag. the body is so long it doesn't fit into my RC bag...

Then GO!!! to MAX ONE.

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