Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Square Axles for Fitment.

I'm getting ready to run some wide bodies on other chassis other than the TA-06, so I've added these axles to get another 4mm of offset. Thats up to +16 if I want it... and I do. The FD Widebodies are 210mm!

There are a few methods for this. You can run spacers like the TN version that extends the shaft before the thread, or you can run these RC Square versions with just the longer thread. Overdose axles are also longer.

As a by product you also get more angle support.

Tamiya VDF and Yokomo are the same size. So either are ok. On a side note, I added a shim to the 7 degree yokomo C hubs between the lower kingpin and the Ackerman hub, because they were binding a lot. Now they are perfect.

Back to the Axles.. Once installed,  I swapped the 5mm hub for a 7mm hub +0.5mm spacer

that gives ...

2.5mm extra on the hub and +6 offset wheels become +8.5. Perfect. My Advans finally got some use! and look cool!

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