Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I think this is the definition of good RC stance. It doesn't get much better than this. No rubbing at all. 200mm with +12 and 9 degree of camber!  Oooh Yeah!

Rears need a small spacer though. The dark RS Watanabe are cool, but of course you can't see which direction the wheels are and how much lock you have. 

RS-Watanabe Battle with the silver cars was fun.

I then started to play around with settings all day. So these +10 37R Speed Way Pal rims went to work.

A couple of spacers and adjust the rear spacing needed for perfection. These really look good.

The Ken & Mary skyline was true old school with a full tune pink alloy Drift Package doing the work.

Some triple drifting was fun until the batteries die... Yokomo 2800 3/4 size are not so great but the 4200 3/4 size is awesome.

I lost track of all the chassis I saw today. 2 dib, 3 drb. Drift package, VDF, VDS, R31 etc etc.

I had a lot of fun running with these guys,

tried to get a few shots.

Led lights on this Cresta are Mental!

They really look cool. Chassis is R31 based with carbon parts.

But anyway, I was going crazy with the DRB test machine. That was the intention. To Learn.

I started with a terrible setup. and adjusted rear, then front, rear the front spring settings until it became reasonably responsive with more and more oversteer but easy to change direction.

I fiddled and tried new things and by the end of the day It was fantastic. The FC has a few more scars, but the result is amazing.

I wasn't running any neutral brake, because my TAO wouldn't charge, but in some ways it helped to try harder. I have to concentrate really hard to get this working, but in the end it became pretty nice for a 2.0x FCD.

I'm running 2.5 rear toe with a 2.0 bar and the 0.5 rear hub. Now with 2mm of anti squat and 1mm of anti-dive up front on top of the 7 hub / 9 camber setup.

Shocks I have to measure the spring distance, but they are a bit unknown. they are used items with unmarked springs and who knows what oil?

Next step is to swap the known items onto this chassis and see if I can get the same result.

Might go back to 1.8 drive also for direct comparison.

I've also installed all the titanium screws onto the HT chassis in preparation for more insanity next week.

A few hits on the rear have the muffler hidden and the lights on an angle. Body lines are not straight anymore.

I did a lot of driving today... I am definitely improving, slowly, slowly.

Hobbies.... grrrr... they are addictive.


  1. Could they put more information in the cockpit of the first pictures?


  2. Speed Way Pal display chassis and driver.

    interior is similar to R32 Skyline


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