Friday, May 25, 2012

RC 926 Twin Spring Set

These are RC926 (RC kyu ni roku)  twin spring sets.

I really want a slight variation between in soft. I am using mainly Yokomo HSS soft springs with thin oils. so these will allow a little more control.

Usually, I have to pre-load normal springs a lot and they seem wasted. 28 mm becomes 23 or so. To me this seems a bit useless. so these are 31mm with the 1mm separator and are already giving me good ride height without preload. FANTASTIC! also a nice long range of movement at what feels like a more progressive rate.

Right side is RC926 ultra-soft and left side is RC926 Ultrasoft twin 1.3mm.

I am just test installing in this picture. but I got 3 different tensions in the soft range.

Ultra Soft , Super Soft & Soft. But I can combine to make.



6 combos over two chassis

It will give me more control in how I set up the car.
Rather than winding up the pre-load, simply choose the correct tension.

Next weeks testing session shall be a bit intense... the proof is in the performance.

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