Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lady S130 ZX - Update #2

I wish I could say this is complete. But actually it's only 50% See why...

The body is ok, colour is finished. But the stickers for the livery need to be cut, some holes opened up...

the light buckets fitted.

And all these bumper pieces. Need to be either fitted or discarded. Seeing as the body is so long that it doesn't fit in my rc bag without the bumpers, i will need to transport it separately.

I'm loving the chrome paint. but the trim I shouldn't have worried about because the ABC hobby trim stickers are so good, it really doesn't need and masking.


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    1. The colors are beautiful !
      What are the paints used ? Thanks

  2. Colors are tamiya orange. but the silver is Atlas Chrome. It's a bit rare.
    hard to get.


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