Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unfair Bastard! S130 280ZX - Update #5

I think it's ok? Maybe...

I tried to keep the livery quite simple. I have a few issues with wheel fitment. Like the front's don't turn at all... Hitting massively on the body at +12!! haha.

+10 is a little better but I want more so I'll have to get cutting.

I also cut and drilled the body a long time ago. The wheel base is a bit off. Maybe it's time for a velcro mount...?

I think the bumpers do need to go on. That requires,  Screws and more shoe goo. It is very long. My drift line will need adjustment.

To balance the super long front. I'm making the rear longer too. I have the cool little spoiler.

Or this wild one. Hmm I hate choices.


  1. Max one Debut next wednesday... 16th.

    I don't like the stripes... I'll take them off.

    I am now cutting the bumpers to make it fit.



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