Sunday, May 6, 2012

Max RE-Visited

I put the old RWB Mongrel Goldfish on the DRB#1 today.

This is something I like...Deep dish and a few mm outside the line.

I don't want to race anyone. Just have fun. That's why I run crazy camber and deep +9 and 12 rims, but recently my driving and setup is faster. The chassis is well set up now to be fast and loose and mid corner drift speeds are very high with lots of angle. but I need a touch of "hand" brake to initiate a change of direction.

Maybe it's my own setup that I like. I like the challenge of driving it like that. I don't want a car that I get bored driving. slow and conservative.

Today I tried 0.5 degree toe-in on the rear and while 2.5 degree was loose, I think 0.5 felt nearly the same with the shocks dialed in. But Maybe I'm just trying to setup the car how I like it anyway and many combinations can be tuned to the same result.

So now the DRB TEST test chassis is fast with 2.0 and the DRB HT with 1.8 is great,  I'm trying to learn to be slower. Is that necessary in Drift... Yes it is. To be closely matched is required for fun drifts.

Some adjust the throttle end point on their transmitter.
Some adjust the forward power on their ESC.

I'm trying to adjust my throttle inputs and still remain smooth. I'm getting better at pulling out of close drifts and avoiding contact, but with the chassis a bit loose, stopping from speed can be a bit difficult once committed.

Anyway.. there are many skills still to learn.

I'm trying to expand the repertoire. 

Next up refinement.

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