Friday, May 18, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB-TC 1.8

RE-Xtreme DRB Test Carbon 1.8CS

The SSG DRB is an upgrade for most people. But having started with the SSG HT, The black carbon has a certain appeal.It also helps quickly recognize my test chassis.

I'm really liking the Darkness of the Carbon on the DRB. I've simply unbolted the whole chassis plate and the top half held together while I swapped it over, then later doing the top shock towers. I've also removed the bumper weight for now.

It all started as I brought the Test chassis back to FCD 1.8x gear set and a new belt. All parts I had lying around. The 2.0x is good, but maybe I'll experiment with a bigger forward gear rather than the tiny rear gear set. having experimented a lot, I can start to evaluate subtle differences in shock settings and spring settings with both chassis extremely similar.

The Yokomo Carbon is still kind of fake looking. Just like the SSG is silver Surface Graphite. this is a Carbon surface graphite. I'll be replacing the upper deck with a newer stabilizer version too.

The effect is very poor compared to my real "DRY Carbon" Tech TA-06.

I've replaced most of the titanium bolts back to steel on this one. Blue and Black on Black is the theme.

Tsunami Spec is Blue Silver and Samurai Spec is Red and Carbon. So I'll call this one a Tatsumaki = Tornado. I'll be swapping the Keyence Black wire ESC over to this chassis too. Might as well keep the theme.

Current Jobs include rebuilding all my shocks to known quantities after some maintenance and mishaps.

that should happen tomorrow. I hate rebuilding shocks.

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