Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB Chassis Settings.

OK, Time for a chassis Update.

RE-DRB HT OD 1.8 is my main chassis. It's a High Traction DRB Chassis 1.8x FCD with Overdose C Hubs. I've been trying things on the test chassis and transferring things that work to this one.

It now has a full titanium bolt set and wide belts. The front has some Anti Dive and the Rear now has some anti squat and less toe in. 2.0 at the rear. apart from those things It's pretty stock otherwise. It has been good since day 1 but now it's a little more stable all round. Before it would lurch about and was harder to maintain mid corner line, but now it's spot on, with the rear swinging free. This one has a small diffuser also. (does not much.)

Now, this baby is getting a real thrashing. Testing chassis and for those strange wide bodies.

RE-DRB-T  is currently in flux. I transfer setting over to the HT chassis when they work here. This one doesn't have the Overdose 8 degree Front Hubs but it has Yokomo 7 degree hubs. Camber is set identically at 9degree front and 7 degree rear.

2.0x FCD for now and pretty loose for those Kawabatta style entries, but I have a 1.8 to put in it to make better relationship to the HT.

Today I tested the centre bridge position and a number of shock settings. The SSG normal shape chassis responds much more to the centre bridge position adjustment. The HT version is almost unchanged by that. With the mounts loose on the normal chassis plate it feels similar to the HT. So unless you want to spend the extra for spur clearance, I think just running the centre position bridge screw only is ok.

RE-DRB-T also has a front bumper weight, which I'm still yet to test on the HT.

I was running the White FC on both chassis today and the feeling is very similar. DRB steering is AMPLE.
But I may swap the bottom mounted steering bar to a guild n one type adjustable tierod for more adjustability. something else to try.

Anyway... the process continues.

Click these setting sheets for full size.

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