Sunday, May 6, 2012

Unfair Bastard! S130 280ZX - Update #4

Fender Work"s" by Speed Way Pal, ABC Hobby Works Over Fender Front Spoiler + Speed Way Pal Panasport G7 +10 OoooooO!O!OO!O!O!O!

Should give me the stance I need. I cut the body lower and repositioned the front spoiler. It looks pretty Awesome.

Steps for fender application

Trim the body
Trim the fenders sanding the edges where they meet the body on an angle to fit flush.
After the body and fenders are painted you are ready to attach

Tape the fenders into the final position.
Make sure there is a seal with the tape to prevent the shoe goo from coming through
Then squeeze the shoe goo between the fender and body (results below)

I used copious amounts of Shooooooo Goooooo to attach these. they should be OK for some demolition.

I should be able to get some tuck and camber happening on here with +10 G7 or +12 Watanabe. I think I'll settle on silver / titanium wheels for this car though. DOPE!

Hmmm, the dilemma continues.... what to do with these.... grrr.r.r.r.r.r.r

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