Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yokomo Damper Maintenance.

This is one of the tedious tasks in RC. Rebuilding the Dampers.

Like anything, maintenance keeps things on top. A well oiled machine... and all that. You will notice that I'm rebuilding Yokomo Dampers from my HT chassis. I had already installed Active Hobby soft Rebound pistons. These seem to work fine. But rebound is not so slow as you'd expect. I think the Tech Racing design is much better.

Anyway the amount of play in the shaft was terrible. So I went and bought some new guides and I had new o-rings already and the full range of Yokomo oils.
But the play is still there There must be a better solution

The only choice was which one. I think the drift car should be soft. but what does soft mean.

For me soft means... less resistance to the piston. Which in a soft rebound situation will probably mean increasing the piston speed. Maybe that's not desired... I shall see.

I chose 200 weight oil for testing this time. It's down from 450/350 combo.

I'll try and set up the other shocks with a harder oil around 700 for testing.

Spring and shock testing next week.


  1. hey russ. how do you clean your dampers? do you wash it with soap, toothbrush, etc.? how often do you rebuild dampers?

  2. I don't think drift requires the meticulous methods of 1:10 on road.

    I just get as much of the original oil out as I can

    I'm using similar oil so the 0.001 percent that's remaining is no problem.

    Once every 2 months is about all. That's 8-days or about 40 hours of drifting.

    I find they don't leak that much to warrant any more than that.


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