Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unfair Bastard! S130 280ZX - Update #6

 OK, Time to reveal some preliminary shots of the S130 Unfair Bastard 280ZX 2.8L Turbo BEAST!

I say preliminary because there's a little more to do before it can be drifted worry free.

In this picture, you can see the clearance in the frontal area with +9 offset. It has a real problem with clearance so I'll have to get a thin spacer and +12 or just run +9. So I'll have to decide what to do there.  

I've already taken it to the limit cutting wise at this ride height.

The rear can accommodate +12 perfectly, so a small spacer may pump these out an extra mm.

I'm still to clean up the details and install the lights. I fabricated a small drag wing at the rear that's adjustable. Currently set high, but it shall be lower.

Overall, I think it looks good. But I'm not sure whether the race wheels suit the car or something else. I haven't tried all my wheels yet. (that takes a long time HAHA)

But chrome looks OK. These are +10 up front and are slightly rubbing.

But the dish looks good. I have a few different period correct +10 wheels I will try.

But +10 doesn't work on the rear. I need a few more mm.

Anyway, for now, the 280zx is more or less complete. a few small jobs before I debut at Max One on Wednesday.

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  1. Wow ! So beautiful ! I love with the silver RS Watanabe


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