Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Max One Run

Max One has added a few tyre tracks to the carpet. They are "off line" but add to the realism.

In these pictures, the Work Miester S1are on the HT chassis and the Advan RS-D are on the Tester.

Either way, the FC is still looking OK. Until the end of today when most of the tape panel lines have been shaved off by collisions.

My mission today among other things was to conquer the Upper level at MAX ONE. No one uses it. but the last few weeks I've found the odd excursion a lot easier as my driving has improved.

While not "easy" at all. There is a line that presents itself. (maybe like the secret Nikko Iro Hazakka line) You have to get it exactly right to get speed. Slow is easy, but fast is cool and fun.

I'm almost confident with it.

Anyway, I was joined on a rainy old day by two guys. A small wheelbase 240 Z driver ...

... and a young guy with a new (not anymore) Silvia S14 on an OTA-based chassis.

The silvia is cool! Matt black and a different bumper, but the bonnet is clear, which is unusual but still cool.

The 240Z is interesting too. Rally headlamps, but yellow/green and chrome mirror spray.

The effect is awesome on the body. Check the centre line.

He was very smooth all day.

Some nice tandems were possible, even with this chassis.

チャンギーsan recently won a round of the the under 21 drift championships held at Max One. He's pretty good. He was perfecting his line today. Ending up under the bridge on many ocassions, but we did a lot of runs together. My chassis is completely different. His is max 1.4 CS and my angle was massively different (rear happy) and my line was also different. 

His car is very easy to drive. Nothing crazy happens. The hand control is MT4 like mine but with a very light spring tension giving a totally different feeling, More so than the car.  Mine feels like driving a truck by comparison. I may have to release the tension.

Moving to his line definitely made tandem easier. But I like my fast corner entry line.

"How close to the bridge can I get." without going under into the Jaws of Pain.

I went into the centre to take these shots, the car looks very R32 ish without the low defining eyebrows.

Another productive day.

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