Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cambition 13

Want demon camber on your RC car... There's a few things you need to do...

As camber brings the hubs closer to the centreline, you will need to shorten axles and suspension upper arms, Yokomo titanium are Lunsford brand. Unlike blue items. You can adjust them a million times and they wont scratch.

Here you can see the original at 11 degrees. It's already maxed out and the dogbones are almost pushing on the centre one way. when under compression.

Here, I've installed the shorter drive shafts and upper arms and dialed in 13deg. and there's still room for adjustment.

I like Overdose stuff, but these require changing the centre link pin to overdose also, (I replaced the whole set on the front. but rear dog bones are still yokomo). If you use RC Square stub axles or Yokomo dog bones, they accept yokomo link pins no drama. Keep that in mind if you want to re-use your Yokomo stub axles.

However, if you do you may have some reliability issues at full lock if you run more angle. You can see where the yokomo stub axle has been rubbing on the dogbone. it may not look like much but overdose gives you a couple of degrees more. there are other brands and small things you can do to get more if you wish.

Anyway. for demon camber.

Turnbuckles (22mm for DRB).
Shorter ball joint plastic end cups.
Shorter Dogbones (44mm for DRB)

I added longer stub axles for wheel spacers.

PS. Kazama FXR in Silver +10 with 1.5mm spacer. Demo camber can accept much bigger offsets.

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