Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super GT-D7 in Max One

I took the Super Gt-D7 down to max one for a short time today. trying to get it dialed in is a bit harder than I thought.

It's a little peaky in the handling at the moment. Fast but tricky.

But with gentle throttle and a little touch here and there. It still manages some wicked angle.

something about the size of this Tamiya shell is just right, compared to the other huge RX-7s I have. When it's next to a JZX, it's about the right size which is very cool in it's own. It makes me even more keen to finish the Tsunami 7 so I can set up two similar bodies on two similar chassis.

Right now I'm preferring the slightly harder setup of the test chassis. But as I'm using the Gallardo on the HT chassis, the settings are a bit different. Offset is +9 and +12 rear. I still need a little more camber, but it's cool. It just needs some lights.

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