Friday, June 8, 2012

Hot Wired

Whoever likes soldering must be a lunatic, but I can appreciate the jubilation once the frustration disappears.

Getting that perfect solder joint is a difficult thing. but the time and effort are sometimes worth the reward.

I'm very very happy with the effect on my Blue Keyence ESC. This RC Factory wire is great stuff.

I wired the test chassis in blue and used a bit more wire for a flowing effect. The lipo packs are now direct to the pack, by-passing the redundant Deans connectors I was using.

It almost has an alien feel to it.

On the SSG HT chassis, I have a pearl black Keyence Tachyon ESC. It was running short length black wire. It's more direct than the blue version but a little less elegant.

Call me Solder Man!


  1. Oh man, that is really HOT.
    IS there a store where those wires dare available online?

  2. I cant find them online, but they were from super rajicon


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