Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MAX Attack Seven

 "RE-Xtreme Tsunami Time Attack Drift Seven" Debut!

On location it looks better than any studio. Although MAX ONE is kind of a studio. Got Stance! Yes!

My Tsunami Livery is awesome (video coming). I decided not to install the diffuser. Time Attack Yes! Drift Attack No! The effectiveness of sideways diffusers have always puzzled me.

My shock labels are coming off... That's the white tape under the car. I might make some real mesh inserts for the rear too,

in this pic the body is not pushed down at the rear... damn..

This is the correct height.

A bit of drift with Kuni-san's DRB was a mixed bag... we couldn't get in sync today... as I posted in the last blog. but eventually it all came together.

By the end, I increased power, increased weight, increased camber, decreased FCD, increased pan rate and more adjustments.

I love the size of the super GT FD3s. Next to the JZX100 it's good. Unlike Yokomo bodies that are the same height. That's stupid. This is a real RX-7

The D1 style liveries looked great in action and standing still.

I usually end up in a drift sandwich. But with this it's always the drift hamburger.

As we finished today with my now perfect chassis and a body that I'm extremely happy with, Kuni-san gave me a comparative compliment about my driving. It really came together today.

We were both running our perfect chassis and we were able to run just mm from each other at speed and angle.

Before I went home. I parked up my two chassis and contemplated. One is perfectly balanced for 99% of competitive situations. The other can hold crazy angle and goes for big style. Which is better?

It all depends who you run with. I have to wait for my benchmark battle until I can make that choice.

I added some lights to the green chassis. Blue LED up front from the LB Gallardo but they need to be white. You just can't see them unless straight on. I'll swap them out.

I'd recommend these Tamiya bodies to any FD RX-7 lover. However, large center spur chassis need not apply. My green one bears the scar from my old RE-R chassis in the front screen and bonnet.

While the guys continued their own battles into the night. I left a happy guy tonight.

My "two car team" has come together well. FCD 1.5 and FCD 1.8 look the same in action, but feel and behave differently.

My HT 1.8 Overdose DRB, now bears the job of development chassis in different directions. I'll take some of what I've learned today and apply it to the HT, but I'll keep pushing to make the FCD 1.8 chassis even better.

Want to Join RE-Xtreme? Take up the challenge.

Today another regular drift package runner appeared with a new FD. Very Keisuke style!

Late at night it was hard to shoot.

So I went for a different exposure. Street cool!

This shot reminds me of a GT5 replay. cool in it's own right.


what a day.

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