Sunday, June 17, 2012

Overdose Anniversary Display

 Overdose Anniversary in M-Gate was a display and a dangerous zone for spending.

Of course Overdose had their full array of parts on display. 30% off was a welcome discount. I got a couple of axles I needed. These boxes were full of wheel seconds. as many as you can fit in one hand for 500 yen.

I have a large number of wheels so i couldn't be persuaded into these. But they also showed off some work VS-XX soon to be available.

 However there were some items I liked. the 50% off Setting board was irresistible.

Likewise. Top line / speed works got a little of my money on some Watanabes in an offset I didn't have. I have 9 sets in my garage.

N model in chrome/silver/white x2/green and DRS12 chrome and watanabes in 3 colours already. They don't really need any more of my cash.  But I was tempted.

I was very tempted by these RC 926 versions in blue... I picked up some spring rings I needed.

 Spice were present. SRD Desire for 15000 yen... tempted.

I already have a set of these too... but that price .... grrrr! If you wanted you could set yourself up pretty well.

En Route had the JXR for rediculous prices and their SA55m wheels... Wanted.

Some Tetsujin wheels on these Pandora bodies. New S13 to be released soon, 

This adds to their initial D set. the AE86 Trueno with two bumpers

The one thing I really wanted but not released yet. Pandora FD3s. soon!


  1. Daaaaamm, i wish i could dig in that market. So many cool and tasty things((((

  2. It's fun but I should have bought more

    I missed the OD chaser body for cheap
    It's one that I wanted to do the livery for .rsg. Powervehicles chaser

  3. Damn!! so jealous im looking at getting an enRoute JXR wish i could get one on sale.....


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