Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tsunami Time Attack - Drift 7 - Update #3.5

Paint day... Well actually 2 days.

The first  day was mask check and blue base. I'm simply using tamiya spray cans because I don't have the tools and space I need in Japan.

Second layer was actually 3. Transparent blue backed by Aluminum and Black. I'll get to more on this color later.

I didn't forget the ancillaries this time.

 Finally, White and then a blue backing and blue tint on the windows.

This is always a special moment for me. Revealing the design.

There are a lot of small mash imperfections I couldn't see from the black marker, but nothing major. I'm loving it. Headlight buckets have a blue tint on the lights also. 

So the final part of paint is always laying it up with a preliminary look at the wheel choice.

I think my colour matching techniques are pretty good these days. Metallic blue came out perfectly to match the wheels.

Awesome is soon approaching.

I've got the base black windows stickers on now, but I couldn't finish it in time tonight to take pics.

It will have to debut next week.

In motion it's going to be amazing.

Next it's sticker time.

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