Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RE-Xtreme - Team Green

Look into my eye... The green GO lights really look good!

Even though this body is about 3 years old. it still looks fresh. the Kazama FXR wheels really are magic.

Location... Where else but MAX-ONE Tokyo!

I have a new zoom lens which allows me to get more creative photographically.

I just have to get used to it. 

The M7 graphics from the Yokomo Porsche Fd3s really look good on the green.

in action it looks really good! thanks to my drivers today. I can't do it alone. I like the response of  "It's difficult to drive." but very effective.

It looked good in the mountain section.

infact anywhere on the track it looked great.

while the shutter speed on this photo was too fast for an action  shot... the proximity to the exit ramp is always a hazard.

But that's just one line. Depending on who is running and their setup, the line varies.

this picture was before I went on to chip a fair bit of paint of the wheels. It's inevitable... not really from crashes. more from close proximity wheel clashes these days.

Getting back to nature...

The Touge Monster!

The boys were supporting me today... they gave approval, but they enjoyed the crashes more. 

about the only thing wrong at the moment on this chassis are the steering turnbuckles. They need to be shorter too. I need toe out!!!

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