Sunday, June 17, 2012

Overdose Anniversary loot

Can you Overdose on RC... Never.

Not many people get one of these.

This was the major purchase. Overdose case.

for setting board Serial number 155 of 200.

The machined face of the aluminum is pretty cool.

Overdose is produced by Weld tuning factory of course.

The setting board is nice. you just have to be careful with the plastic tyres on the sharp edges.

 I haven't installed these yet. The extended tread on the axle is great for spacers.

Top Line Speedworks RS Watanabe 8 spoke in +9. only 200 yen.

Go to match my countless other Top Line wheels.

in various offsets.

A discount on these too. All my springs will be RC926 soon. Easy to manage.

 Kazama's display was only on Sunday, so I missed catching up with him. He also has a bunch of my cash recently.

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